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Texas Hat Ladies Steal the Show

NEW YORK, NY - March 11, 2005 - "Interesting." "Mysterious." "Fun." These are just a few of the words used to describe the women in "WHAT IS IT ABOUT HATS? A Documentary About the People Under the Brim." This March, filmmaker and transplanted Texan, Andee Kinzy, will release the first film that uncaps the secret and privileged world of the fashion hat wearer.

Oddly enough, it was through Kinzy's home state that she initially found a number of hat aficionados for this light-hearted piece. Charismatic individuals in Houston, Austin and Dallas, as well as Chicago and NYC, reveal the power, prestige and confidence that comes when you place a piece of your personality on your head.

"Wearing a hat is cyclical - you feel good because people are looking at you; people look at you because you feel good. It's a sure cure for depression," Kinzy states. Always an avid hat wearer, she is frequently barraged with, "I love hats, but I don't wear them." Moved by this perplexing comment, Kinzy searched for a film that would explain this strange fear of headwear. None existed.

Billed as "A must-see film for any hat lover," by The HAT Magazine, the documentary shows that hats make a strong statement whenever they appear. Not only does a hat have the power to control others, but wearing an interesting or beautiful hat has the ability to affect our own mood and state of mind, as well. Besides, they're just plain fun.

Peppered throughout with mini-hat-wearing lessons, this is the insider's guide to the art and practice of expression by head decoration. "WHAT IS IT ABOUT HATS?" and the people under the brim answer that question and proclaim that this underutilized and all but forgotten fashion accessory actually has the potential to change our individual worlds.

The video will sell for $19.95 USD in DVD or VHS format and can be purchased online at in mid-March. For additional information or a review copy, contact: Andee Kinzy, Producer/Director, 646-285-6852 or

Andee Kinzy is a Woman of Many Hats. Working with an independently developed group called QuickFlicks, she has created over a dozen short films including "Brimful," a humorous look at the world from a hat's POV. She has made several industrials for school organizations, one of which is NY City Center's ENCORES program. She was the President of the nonprofit organization, CineWomen NY, which supports and encourages women in filmmaking, from 2001-2004. Her love for hats prompted her to study at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC and she has been designing and making hats for over six years. From her online retail site, she's developed a virtual hat community, gathering hundreds of hat designers and hat lovers together under the auspices of HatChat, an email discussion list. Her unusual careers allow her to be a work-from-home mom for her 21-month old.

Andee Kinzy, Producer/Director
"WHAT IS IT ABOUT HATS? A Documentary About the People Under the Brim"
646-285-6852 mobile
165 W. 107th St
New York, NY 10025





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